Art pieces

Pixel artwork


 Two pixel art pieces created by Bobbie Fee on iPad procreate.
The first piece is a pink bedroom created to practice pixel art technique. More then 50 hours went into this piece since I needed to practice and had to kill a lot of darlings since in the end they did not match my scale.
Few of the elements in this piece are inspired on iron bead patterns.


The second piece is actually the building from the outside. If you look at the window of the first illustration u can see some buildings that u can also find on the second illustration. It's for the viewer to guess in which building the bedroom is.


Pieces created in 2023 prints available


Glass paintings


 All pieces are original character design and painted directly on to the glass of the frame by Bobbie Fee.
Technique inspired on how glass anime/manga artworks are made.


Pieces created in 2021 sold out