Handmade pieces

Meet StickyBarbie.

StickyBarbie was created in 2017 by young Illustrator/designer Bobbie Fee. She has been drawing for as long as she remembers. Her work is very versatile. She makes clothing, art pieces and much more.

‘Sticky’ stands for all things weird, creepy or challenging in life. While ‘Barbie’ stands for perfection and sexiness.

"People always screamed Barbie or hobo at me while in high school. I had big blonde tangled hair and with my gigantic coats and fingerless gloves I roamed around".

Sticky Barbie likes to combine these things and bring them together in her products. "I like to strive for perfection but in my own way through my own eyes".

Weird but hot.

Most products are handpainted with a teeny tiny brush and are only made once, which makes every design unique.

All pieces are as washer save as all of your other clothes.

Wearable art